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Surrealism-Plays is a site devoted to the history and creative works of the Surrealist Movement, as well as the anti-tradition of avant-garde theatre.


There are numerous books that feature Surrealist Writing. Here is an extensive list of publications in English, most of which can be found on and other Internet book sites, plus a few harder to find gems that are certainly worth the extra search.


Part One: 15 Recommendations

Part Two: Books About Surrealism

Part Three: Collections of Surrealist Writing

Part Four: Books by Individual Authors

15 Recommendations

1. La Révolution Surréaliste
collection complete nos 1 through 12
Editions Jean-Michel Place 1975

Note: This book is not in English. However, it's a gem to anyone interested in Surrealism, featuring copies of all 12 issues of La Révolution Surréaliste, published in Paris between 1924 and 1929. The same company also offers a collection of the 6 issues of Surréalisme Au Service De La Révolution, originally published during the 1930s.

2. Liberty or Love
by Robert Desnos
Atlas Press 1993

Note: Arguably one of the great masterpieces of Surrealist literature, written in 1927.

3. The Automatic Message
by André Breton, Philippe Soupault and Paul Eluard
Atlas Press 2001

Note: Contains both The Magnetic Fields (1919) by Breton and Soupault and The Immaculate Conception (1930) by Breton and Eluard.

4. Death to the Pigs
by Benjamin Péret
Atlas Press 1988

Note: Contains Péret's surrealist novel Death to the Pigs and the Field of Battle, as well as prose, poetry, letters & polemical texts. The same translation by Rachel Stella is also available through University of Nebraska Press.

5.The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí
by Salvador Dalí
DASA Edicions, S.A. 1942

Note: Dalí's outrageous autobiography has been available through a number of different publishers over the years, including Dover, Kessinger and Dial Press.

6. Poet in New York
by Federico García Lorca
The Noonday Press 1988

Note: Arguably the greatest collection of surrealist poetry, written while Lorca was a student at Columbia University in New York, 1929-1930.

7. An Unspeakable Betrayal
Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel

University of California Press 2000

Note: Contains Buñuel's wonderful surrealist story Illegible, the Son of a Flute, among other prose.

8. Collected Works Volume One
by Antonin Artaud
John Calder 1968

Note: Contains Artaud's early collections Letters to Jacques Rivière, Umbilical Limbo and Nerve Scales, all among his most powerful works.

9. Paris Peasant
by Louis Aragon
Exact Change 1994

Note: Aragon's novel, first published in 1926, is a classic of Surrealist literature. Its opening section, The Passage de L'Opéra, describes scenes in hotel rooms, walkways and shop windows in a manner that truly captures the marvelous of everyday life.

10. The First Book of Grabinoulor
by Pierre Albert-Birot
Dalkey Archive Press 1986

Note: Albert-Birot's masterpiece foreshadowed the type of automatic writing explored by Surrealists during the 1920s. Six volumes were written over the author's lifetime, though only the first is currently available in English. A true classic.

11. The Voice of Robert Desnos
(Selected Poems)

Translated by William Kulik
The Sheep Meadow Press 2007

Note: Contains the collections C'est les bottes de sept lieues cette phrase 'Je me vois' (1926), A la mystérieuse (1926) and Les ténèbris (1927), as well as a large selection of other poems spanning Desnos's life.

12. Mad Balls
by Benjamin Péret
Atlas Press 1991

Note: This book is currently out of print, but worth the extra search.
It contains Péret's 1928 story, with illustrations by Tanguy. It's pornographic, blasphemous and absolutely hilarious.

13. Manifestoes of Surrealism
by André Breton
The University of Michigan Press 1969

Note: Breton's manifestoes from 1924 and 1929, along with a handful of other writings, including Soluble Fish (1924), A Letter to Seers (1925), extracts from The Political Position of Surrealism (1935), and a prelude to a Third Surrealist Manifesto (1942). These documents lay the foundation for the Surrealist Movement, while revealing the personal attitudes and concerns of their author.

14. Aurora
by Michel Lieris
Atlas Press 1990

Note: Arguably Leiris's greatest and most surrealist work, written 1927-1928.

15. Investigating Sex
Surrealist Discussions 1928-1932
Verso 1990

Note: Fascinating collection of roundtable discussions held by the Paris Surrealists, concerning the subject of sex. Participants include André Breton, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Péret, Louis Aragon & Max Ernst, among many others.

Books About Surrealism

History of the Surrealist Movement
by Gerard Durozoi
University of Chicago Press 2004

History of Surrealism
by Maurice Nadeau
Belknap Press 1989

by Patrick Waldberg
Thames & Hudson 1965

Conversations: The Autobiography of Surrealism
(A collection of interviews with André Breton)
Marlowe & Company 1993

Surrealism in Belgium 1924-2000
by Xavier Canonne
Thames and Hudson 2007

A Short Survey of Surrealism
by David Gascoyne
Enitharmon Press 2001

The Surrealists - Revolutionaries in Art and Writing
by Jemima Montagu
Tate 2002

Surreal Lives
by Ruth Brandon
Grove Press 1999

Prague: Capital of the 20th Century - A Surrealist History
by Derek Sayer
Princeton Univerity Press 2013

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement
by Whitney Chadwick
Thames & Hudson 1991

Surrealism and Women
Edited by Mary Ann Caws, Rudolf Keunzli & Gwen Raaberg
MIT Press 1991

Surrealism (Themes & Movements)
by Mary Ann Caws
Phaidon Press 2004

Surrealism (Movements in Modern Art)
by Fiona Bradley
Cambridge University Press 1997

Surrealism In Egypt
by Sam Bardaouil
I.B.Tauris Publishing 2017

Selected Biographies & Autobiographies

Revolution of the Mind
The Life of André Breton
by Mark Polizzotti
Da Capo Press 1997

Blows and Bombs: A Biography of Antonin Artaud
by Stephen Barber
Creation Books 1994

The Memoirs Of Giorgio De Chirico
Da Capo Press 1994

The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dalí
by Salvador Dalí, as told to André Parinaud
Quartet Books 1976
Revised and reissued by Solar Books in 2008

Diary of a Genius
by Salvador Dalí
Editions de la Table Ronde 1964
Reissued by Creation Books in 1998

My Last Sigh
An Autobiography by Luis Buñuel
Vintage Books 1983

Self Portrait
The Autobiography of Man Ray
Atlantic Monthly Press 1963
Reissued by Bulfinch in 1999

Rules of the Game
Volume 1: Scratches
Volume 2: Scrapes
by Michel Leiris
Johns Hopkins University Press 1997

Robert Desnos
Surrealism & the Marvelous in Everyday Life
by Katharine Conley
University of Nebraska Press 2003

Don't Tell Sybil: An Intimate Portrait of E.L.T. Mesens
by George Melly
Heinemann 1997

Federíco Garcia Lorca - A Life
by Ian Gibson
Pantheon Books 1989

Collections of Surrealist Writing

The Random House Book of Twentieth Century French Poetry
First Vintage Books 1982

Note: This book may currently be out of print, but is worth searching for. It contains poetry by many Surrealists, including André Breton, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Péret, Louis Aragon, Robert Desnos, Antonin Artaud & Raymond Queneau, among others.

Modern French Poets
Edited by Wallace Fowlie
Dover Publishing 1955

Note: Anthology featuring poems by Breton, Eluard and Desnos, among others.

The Poetry of Surrealism
Edited by Michael Benedikt
Little, Brown and Company 1974

Note: Currently out of print, though used copies are out there. This anthology contains poems by Breton, Aragon, Eluard, Péret, Artaud and Desnos, among many others.

Surrealist Love Poems
Edited by Mary Ann Caws
The University of Chicago Press 2001

Note: Collection of surrealist poetry, featuring works by Breton, Desnos, Eluard and Dalí, among many others.

The Dadalus Books of Surrealism
Volume 1: The Identity of Things
Volume 2: The Myth of the World
Dadalus Publishing 1993 & 1994

Note: Two anthologies of surrealist prose by Breton & Soupault, Noll, Queneau, Crevel, Péret, Desnos, Limbour, Buñuel, Dalí, Unik, Mariën, Carrington, Vitrac, Prévert, Magritte, Oppenheim and Nougé, among others.

The Automatic Muse
Atlas Press 1994

Note: Four surrealist novels from the 1920s, including Mourning For Mourning by Robert Desnos, The Cardinal Point by Michel Leiris, The Polar Child by Georges Limbour, and The Elegant Ewe by Benjamin Péret.

The Surrealists Look at Art
Pontus Hulten 1990

Note: Anthology of articles by Eluard, Aragon, Soupault, Breton and Tzara.

This Quarter: Surrealist Number
Arno Press and the New York Times 1969

Note: This book contains the 1932 issue of This Quarter magazine, devoted entirely to Surrealism, with André Breton as guest editor. Contents include poetry and prose by Breton, Eluard, Péret, Char, Crevel, Duchamp, Ernst, Dalí and Tzara; the film scenario An Andalusian Dog by Buñuel and Dalí; and illustrations by Ernst, Tanguy, Hugo and Man Ray.

Surrealist Painters and Poets: An Anthology
Edited by Mary Ann Caws
The MIT Press 2002

Note: Contains essays, manifestos, poems and texts by Apollinaire, Aragon, Arp, Artaud, Bataille, Bellmer, Breton, Char, Crevel, Dalí, Desnos, Duchump, Eluard, Ernst, Giacometti, Lautréamont, Leiris, Limbour, Magritte, Miró, Nougé, Péret, Picasso, Queneau, Rigaut, Soupault and Tzara, among others.

The Sources of Surrealism
Lund Humphries 2006

Note: This textbook features excerpts from numerous surrealist works. Among the authors represented are Tzara, Man Ray, Duchamp, Breton, Vaché, Rigaut, Eluard, Aragon, Vitrac, Péret, Morise, Naville, Desnos, Artaud, Leiris, Crevel, Dalí, Ernst, Char, Bataille, Prévert, Nougé and Mesens.

4 Dada Suicides
Atlas Press 1995

Note: Collection of writings by (and biographical information on) Arthur Cravan, Jacques Rigaut, Julien Torma and Jacques Vaché. It includes Vaché's War Letters to André Breton.

Modern French Theatre
Translated by Michael Benedikt & George E. Wellwarth
E.P. Dutton 1966

Note: Out of print, but worth the search. It includes surrealist plays by Breton & Soupault, Aragon, Daumal, Gilbert-Lecomte, Desnos, Artaud and Vitrac, among others.

Surrealism in Greece: An Anthology
University of Texas Press 2012

Note: A collection of prose, poetry and theoretical writing by surrealist writers in Greece.

Books by Individual Authors

Contents: Louis Aragon, Antonin Artaud, Jacques Baron, Jacques-André Boiffard, André Breton, Luis Buñuel, René Char, Giorgio de Chirico, René Crevel Salvador Dalí, Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard, David Gascoyne, Michel Leiris, Georges Limbour, Vitezslav Nezval, Paul Nougé, Benjamin Péret, Jacques Prévert, Raymond Queneau, Jacques Rigaut, Philippe Soupault, Tristan Tzara, Pierre Unik, Jacques Vaché and Roger Vitrac.

Other Writers Associated With Surrealism: Pierre Albert-Birot, Guillaume Apollinaire, Georges Bataille, René Daumal, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Alfred Jarry, Comte de Lautréamont, Federico García Lorca, Georges Neveux, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Raymond Roussel and Alberto Savinio.

Louis Aragon

The Adventures of Telemachus Exact Change 1988
Anicet or the Panorama: A Dadaist Novel Atlas Press 2016
The Libertine Calder Publications 1987
Irene's Cunt Creation Books 1996
Paris Peasant Exact Change 1994
Treatise on Style University of Nebraska Press 1991
Poet of the French Resistance Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1945

Antonin Artaud

Collected Works
Volume 1: Prose, Poetry & Letters
Volume 2:
The Alfred Jarry Theatre
Volume 3:
Scenarios on the Cinema, Interviews & Letters
Volume 4:
The Cenci & Theatre Documents
Calder Publications 1974

The Theatre and Its Double Grove Press 1994
The Cenci Grove Press 1970
Artaud on Theatre Methuen Drama 2001
Modern French Theatre E.P. Dutton 1966
(includes Artaud's short play Jet of Blood)

Selected Writings University of California Press 1988
Artaud Anthology City Lights Books 1965
Watchfiends & Rack Screams Exact Change 2004
50 Drawings to Murder Magic Seagull Books 2004
The Monk Creation Books 2003
Heliogabalus or The Crowned Anarchist Solar Books 2000

Jacques-André Boiffard

Surrealism by Patrick Waldberg (contains the preface to the first issue of La Révolution Surréaliste co-written by Boiffard)
Thames & Hudson 1965

André Breton

The Magnetic Fields Atlas Press 1985
The Automatic Message Atlas Press 2001
Nadja Grove Press 1960
The Immaculate Conception Atlas Press 1990
Communicating Vessels University of Nebraska Press 1990
Mad Love University of Nebraska Press 1987
Arcanum 17 Sun and Moon Press 1994
Andre Breton Selected Works University of California Press 2003
Anthology of Black Humor City Lights Books 1997
The Lost Steps University of Nebraska Press 1996
Break of Day University of Nebraska Press 1999
Martinique: Snake Charmer University of Texas Press 2008

Theoretical Writing
Manifestos of Surrealism University of Michigan Press 1969
Surrealism and Painting MFA Publications 2002

Poems of Andre Breton Black Widow Press 2006
Earthlight Green Integer 2004
My Heart Through Which Her Heart Has Passed
Alyscamps Press 2001
Ralentir Travaux (with Paul Eluard & René Char) Exact Change 1990

Conversations: The Autobiography of Surrealism
Marlowe & Company 1993

Modern French Theatre (includes the play If You Please by Breton & Soupault) E.P. Dutton 1966
Dada Performance (includes If You Please) PAJ Publications 1987

Luis Buñuel

An Unspeakable Betrayal University of California Press 2000

My Last Sigh Vintage Books 1984
Objects of Desire (a book of conversations with Buñuel)
Marsilio Publishers 1992

Film Scripts
Un chein andalou & L'Age d'Or Lorrimer Publishing 1969
Belle de Jour Lorrimer Publishing 1971
Tristana Lorrimer Publishing 1971
Two Films: The Exterminating Angel and Los Olvidados
Lorrimer Publishing 1972

René Char

Leaves of Hypnos Penguin 1973
Ralentir Travaux (with André Breton & Paul Eluard) Exact Change 1990
Selected Poems of René Char New Directions 1992
This Smoke That Carried Us White Pine Press 2004
The Brittle Age and Returning Upland Counterpath Press 2009
Stone Lyre: Poems of Rene Char Tupelo Press 2010
Furor & Mystery and Other Poems Black Widow Press 2011

Giorgio de Chirico

Hebdomeros & Other Writngs Exact Change 2004
The Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico Da Capo 1994

René Crevel

Putting My Foot In It Dalkey Archive Press 1994
Difficult Death North Point Press 1986
Babylon Sun and Moon Press 1996
My Body and I Archipelago Books 2005

Salvador Dalí

Hidden Faces Peter Owen Publishers 1973
OUI Writings 1927-1933 Exact Change 1998
The Collected Writings of Salvador Dalí (spanning the 1920s to the 1970s) Cambridge University Press 1998

The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí DASA Edicions, S.A. 1942
Diary of a Genius Creation Books 1994
Open Letter to Salvador Dalî Heineman Paperbacks 1967
The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dalí
(as told to André Parinaud) Quartet Books 1977

Dali on Modern Art Dover Publications 1996
Fifty Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship Dial Press 1948

Robert Desnos

Liberty or Love Atlas Press 1993
The Automatic Muse (contains Desnos's automatic writing Mourning for Mourning) Atlas Press 1994

Essential Poems and Writings Black Widow Press 2007
Selected Poems The Ecco Press 1991
The Voice of Robert Desnos: Selected Poems 1919-1944
Sheep Meadow 2005

Modern French Theatre (includes Desnos's play La Place De L'Étoile)
E.P. Dutton 1966

Paul Eluard

The Automatic Message (includes The Immaculate Conception by Eluard & Breton)  Atlas Press 2001
Letters to Gala Paragon House 1989

Selected Poems Riverrun Press 1988
Capital of Pain Black Widow Press 2006
Love, Poetry Black Widow Press 2007
Ralentir Travaux (with Paul Eluard & René Char) Exact Change 1990
A Moral Lesson Green Integer 2005
Last Love Poems of Paul Eluard Black Widow Press 2006

David Gascoyne

Collected Journals 1936-42 Skoob Books 1993
Selected Poems Enitharmon Press 1995
Selected Prose: 1934-1996 Enitharmon Press 1998
A Short Survey of Surrealism Enitharmon Press 2001

Michel Leiris

The Automatic Muse (contains Leiris's The Cardinal Point)
Atlas Press 1994
Aurora Atlas Press 1990
Mirror of Tauromachy Atlas Press 2007

The Rules of the Game
Volume 1: Scratches
Volume 2: Scrapes
Johns Hopkins University Press 1997
Manhood University Of Chicago Press 1992
Nights as Day, Days as Night (Dreams) Eridanos Press 1987
Correspondence: Georges Bataille and Michel Leiris
Seagull Books 2008

Operratics Green Integer 2001

Georges Limbour

Four Stories Atlas Press 1995
The Automatic Muse (contains Limbour's The Polar Child )
Atlas Press 1994

Vítezslav Nezval

Antilyrik & Other Poems Green Integer Books 2001
Prague With Fingers of Rain Bloodaxe Books 2009
Edison Dvorak 2003
Three Czech Poets (with Antonin Bartusek & Josef Hanzlik)
Penguin 1971

Edition 69 (with Jindrich Styrsky) Twisted Spoon Press 2004
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Twisted Spoon Press 2005

Paul Nougé

Works Selected by Marcel Marien Atlas Press 1995

Benjamin Péret

Death to the Pigs Atlas Press 1988
Mad Balls Atlas Press 1991
The Automatic Muse (contains Peret's The Elegant Ewe)
Atlas Press 1994
The Leg of Lamb: Its Life and Works Wakefield Press 2011
A Menagerie in Revolt: Selected Writings Black Swan Press 2009

The Big Game Black Widow Press 2011
From the Hidden Storehouse Oberlin College 1981
A Marvelous World Louisiana State University Press 1985

Jacques Prévert

Selected Poems Hearing Eye 2002
Paroles City Lights Books 1990
Preversities: A Jacques Prevert Sampler Black Widow Press 2010

Raymond Queneau

Odile Dalkey Archive Press 1988
Pierrot Mon Ami Atlas Press 1988
The Skin of Dreams Atlas Press 1987
Zazie in the Metro Penguin Classics 2001
The Blue Flowers New Directions Publishing 1985
Exercises in Style New Directions Publishing 1981
EyeSeas (Selected Poems) Black Widow Press 2008

Jacques Rigaut

Lord Patchogue & Other Texts
Atlas Press 1993
4 Dada Suicides Atlas Press 1995

Philippe Soupault

The Magnetic Fields (with Breton) Atlas Press 1985
Last Nights in Paris Exact Change 2004
I'm Lying - Selected Poetry Lost Roads 1985
Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism
City Lights Publishers 2016
Modern French Theatre (includes the play If You Please by Breton & Soupault) E.P. Dutton 1966

Tristan Tzara

Approximate Man and Other Writings Black Widow 2005
Chanson Dada: Selected Poems Black Widow 2005
Seven Dada Manifestos Calder Publications 1981
Dada Performance (contains 3 plays by Tzara) PAJ 1987

Pierre Unik

The Dedalus Book of Surrealism: The Identity of Things
(contains Unik's Long Live the Bride!) Dedalus 1993

Jacques Vaché

Letters from the Front Atlas Press 1993
4 Dada Suicides Atlas Press 1995
Jacques Vache and the Roots of Surrealism
(includes War Letters and other writings) Charles H. Kerr 2008

Roger Vitrac

Dada Performance (includes Vitrac's Free Entry) PAJ 1987
Modern French Theatre (includes Vitrac's The Mysteries of Love)
E.P. Dutton 1966
Victor or Power to the Children (limited edition) Calder Books 2010

Other Writers Associated With Surrealism

Pierre Albert-Birot

The First Book of Grabinoulor Dalkey Archive Press 1987

Guillaume Apollinaire

The Eleven Thousand Rods Solar Books 2007
Amorous Exploits Of A Young Rakehell Olympia 2004
The Poet Assassinated Carcanet Publishing 1985
Apollinaire on Art MFA Publications 2001

Selected Writings (primarily poetry) New Directions 1971
Apollinaire: Selected Poems Anvil Press Poetry 1986
Calligrammes University of California Press 2004
Alcools: Poems Wesleyan 1995
Bestiary: Or the Parade of Orpheus David R Godine 2000
The Self-Dismembered Man (Late Poems) Wesleyan 2004
Apollinaire Everyman's Poetry 2000

Modern French Theatre (includes Appolinaire's play The Breasts of Tiresias; translation by Michael Benedikt) E.P. Dutton & Co. 1966
Three Pre-Surrealist Plays (includes The Breasts of Tiresias; translation by Maya Slater) Oxford University Press 1997
The Color of Time Zone 1980

Georges Bataille

Story of the Eye City Lights 1977
Blue of Noon Marion Boyars Publishers 2002
L'Abbe C Marion Boyars Publishers 2001
The Tears of Eros City Lights 1989
Guilty Lapis Press 1986
The Impossible City Lights 1991
The Mother, Madame Edwarda & The Dead Man
Marion Boyars Publishers 1995

Collected Poems Dufour Editions 1998

Philosophy, Theory & Criticism
The Bataille Reader Wiley-Blackwell 1997
The Accursed Share - Vol. 1 Zone Books 1991
The Accursed Share - Vols. 2 and 3 Zone Books 1993
Inner experience State University of New York Press 1988
Eroticism, Death & Sensuality City Lights 1986
Theory of Religion Zone Books 1992
Literature and Evil Marion Boyars Publishers 2001
The Absence of Myth: Writings on Surrealism Verso 2006
Trial of Gilles De Rais Amok Books 1991
On Nietzsche Continuum International Publishing 2004
Visions of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939
University of Minnesota Press 1985
The Unfinished System Of Nonknowledge
University of Minnesota Press 2004

Journals edited by Bataille
Encyclopedia Acephalica Atlas Press 1995

René Daumal
Mount Analogue Gerald Duckworth & Co 2005
A Night of Serious Drinking Overlook Publishing 2003
The Powers of the Word: Selected Essays and Notes City Lights 1991
Rasa: Or Knowledge of the Self Ekstasis Editions 2004
Le Contre-Ciel Overlook Press 2005
Modern French Drama (includes Daumal's play En Gggarrde )
E.P. Dutton 1966

Roger Gilbert-Lecomte

Black Mirror: Selected Poems  Station Hill 1991
Modern French Drama (includes Gilbert-Lecomte's play The Odyssey of Ulysses the Palmiped) E.P. Dutton 1966

Alfred Jarry

Selected Works of Alfred Jarry Grove Press 1965
Messalina Atlas Press 1985
Visits of Love Atlas Press 1993
Days and Nights Atlas Press 1989
Caesar Antichrist Atlas Press 1992
The Garden of Priapus Fredonia Books 2003
The Supermale W W Norton & Co 1977
Exploits and Opinions of Dr Faustroll, Pataphysician
Exact Change 1996

Collected Works
Collected Works I: Adventures in 'Pataphysics
(includes Caesar Antichrist, Black Minutes Of Memorial Sand and How To Construct A Time Machine, among others) Atlas Press 2001
Collected Works II: Three Early Novels
(includes Days and Nights, Absolute Love and Exploits and Opinions of Dr Faustroll, Pataphysician) Atlas Press 2007

The Ubu Plays Grove Press 1968
King Turd (Ubu Plays) Boar's Head Books 1953
The Antliaclasts Atlas Press 1994

Comte de Lautréamont

Maldoror and the Complete Works of the Comte de Lautréamont
Exact Change 2004
Maldoror and Poems Penguin Classics 1988
Maldoror translated by Guy Wernham New Directions Publishing 1965

Federico García Lorca

Poet in New York
The Noon Press 1988
Selected Verse The Noon Press 1989
Collected Poems Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1988
The Selected Poems of Federico García Lorca New Directions 1955
Poem of the Deep Song City Lights 1987

Once Five Years Pass and other dramatic works  Station Hill Press 1986
The Public and Play Without a Title New Directions 1983
The Rural Trilogy (Blood Wedding, Yerma & Bernardo Alba)
Bantam Books 1987
Plays (3 Volumes) Methuen 1990
The Unknown Federico García Lorca Atlas Press 1996

Barbarous Nights City Lights 1991
In Search of Duende New Directions 1998
Selected Letters New Directions 1983

Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes

Dada Performance (includes The Mute Canary) PAJ 1987
The Myth of the World (Carmen & Carmen) Dedalus 1994

Raymond Roussel

Impressions of Africa John Calder/Riverrun Press 1983
Locus Solus John Calder/Riverrun Press 1984
Selections From Certain of His Books Atlas Press 1991
How I Wrote Certain Of My Books Exact Change 2005
Life, Death & Works (essays about Roussel) Atlas Press 1987

Alberto Savinio

The Lives of the Gods Atlas Press 1991
Speaking to Clio Marlboro Press 1987
Capri Marlboro Press 1990
Tragedy of Childhood Marlboro Press 1991
Operatic Lives Marlboro Press 1988

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