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Surrealism-Plays is a site devoted to the history and creative works of the Surrealist Movement, as well as the anti-tradition of avant-garde theatre.


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Theoretical Works

Manifesto of Surrealism André Breton's first manifesto, written in 1924.

What Is Surrealism? A 1934 lecture given by André Breton in Brussels, at a public meeting organized by the Belgian Surrealists.

Towards A Free Revolutionary Art A 1938 manifesto written by André Breton & Leon Trotsky in Mexico.

A Wave of Dreams Louis Aragon's theoretical work, written in 1924.

The Conquest of the Irrational Written by Salvador Dalí in 1935.


Inn of the Flying Arse An automatic writing by Benjamin Péret, first published in Littérature in 1922.

Mourning For Mourning A chapter from the collection of automatic writing by Robert Desnos, first published in 1924.

Film Scripts

Un chein andalou A screenplay by Luis Buñuel & Salvador Dalí, written in 1928.

Trip to the Moon Written by Federico García Lorca in 1929.


The Theatre and Its Double The Preface from Antonin Artaud's book of manifestoes, concerning his Theatre of Cruelty, originally published in 1938.

To Have Done With the Judgment of God Antonin Artaud's final theatrical work, a radio play written in 1947.

What is Surrealism?

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Surrealist Plays

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Sanctus Fumigaci by Todd Bash

"Todd Bash is one of the few contemporary playwrights who captures the spirit of surrealism. In fact, surrealist figures from the past, such as Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí and Paul Eluard, appear as characters in a couple of his plays. Dream-like, funny, and sometimes disturbing, SANCTUS FUMIGACI (which, in English, loosely translates to "Holy Smoke") is recommended for fans of avant-garde literature and experimental theater."